Artist Statement

I compose music and create sound and video installations, digital photographs, drawings, paintings, mixed media,  and performances. My subject matter often focuses on nonlinear narratives set in and around the landscape in which I live and work; in other words, my home and neighborhood. My work also engages the mythical and fantastic as a means to question what is familiar. To this end, I appropriate narrative and thematic elements from literature and historical record. Elfin spirits, conspiracy theories, mythical civilizations, and human attempts at achieving utopia are some examples.

In my current work I explore the idea that nature engenders architecture which in turn influences how we see and relate to the natural world.  Within this dynamic conversation I explore the way community structures have been affected by the interfusion of architecture, space and nature.

In my process I primarily use the tools of art and technology but work hard at bringing out the human, and hearth-like aspect of humanity in my work.